The House of Rush – Piccadilly

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Let me start by telling you that I have always had a love – hate relationship with my hair. When I am having one of those rare good hair days, I don’t ever want to sleep and ruin it. But when I am having the pretty frequent bad hair days, I would rather go out with a bag over my head than go out looking like a little fuzzy frizzball. I also have to be honest and admit that I do get bored with my hairstyle pretty quickly. To make matters worse, visiting the hairdressers is no easy task either. With a long record of disappointing visits to the salon these past few years, I have resulted to cutting my own hair on so many occasions. From looking like a Rihanna look-alike with her recent super short and boyish hair, to looking like a 12 year old with a ridiculously short fringe. Trust me, I have been through it all!

So when I was invited to try out the Rush experience at The House of Rush, I accepted with a hope that this visit will be THE visit that will change my hairdressing bad luck.




I was looked after by the gorgeous and ever so lovely Tina Farey during my visit. She is a founding member of the Rush Artistic Team and has recently been named the London Hairdresser of Year at the British Hairdressing Awards – an award she totally deserves!


The must-read magazines when visiting a salon…


Waiting for the new hair colour to dry.
Perfect time to drink some tea and eat some biccies…


Before blowdrying my hair, Tina applied this amazing REDKEN VELVET GELATINE 07 product onto my hair. This is a product that I totally recommend for every girl to have. It is a tube of hair magic – it turned my hair from limp and lifeless to sleek, smooth and volumised! One to have if you have frizz-prone hair.


Tina dyed my hair into a warmer tone, trimmed a few inches off the ends and added a few more layers.

Darker, shorter, layered, volumised and glossier locks.


Not only has Tina successfully made me feel like brand new woman, she has broken the chain of hairdressing nightmares!

I am one very happy little lady.

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