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The next day, keen to carry on with catching up on lost time, L and I met up for a spot of lunch.

We both share a huge appreciation for sushi and all Asian cuisine in general. She said that it is of course possible to get great Asian food in the Big Apple, but you gotta have to/want to/be able to pay premium price for it. And so, while she’s visiting, she wanted to make the most of her time here by eating a helluva lot of Asian delights. This sounded like a task that I would happily take on.

So, we headed to one of our fave malls in HK, ifc Mall, and I took her to Sen-ryo to introduce her to one of my favourite sushi chains.



Sen-ryo is a sushi bar where you can either sit in a booth or at the bar where you can grab whatever sushi you fancy that passes you by on the conveyor belt, or order your selection with the waiter/waitress if you would like the Chef to freshly prepare your food for you and have it delivered to your table, and sip on unlimited cups of complimentary green tea. This place is a great spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner and with their high quality food and their insanely cheap prices, I would not be surprised if someone goes here for all three meal times!

We started off by sharing a delicious plate of fried tofu skin sushi.

L then ordered a plate of sea urchin gunkan. This is definitely not my kind of thing! Not that I don’t like it, I just have not plucked up the courage to try it yet – I know, what a wimp! With it being so highly regarded as the best thing since slice bread in Japan, I will have to give it a go one day and see what the fuss is all about! But for now, I’m just going to politely decline the offer and move on to the next plate.



DSC00318Next up, we shared some yummy spicy tuna rolls and seared salmon with black pepper.





DSC00326As L had her slimy sea urchin, I went for a different kind of texture – a deliciously crispy soft shell crab hand roll.



DSC00329As always, Sen-ryo did not di-soy-point and we left with a huge grin on our faces and bellies! Arigatou Sen-ryo, you always maki miso happy-o!

With our bodies fuelled with energy, we charged on with a few activities that only us girls would classify as fun! Shopping, mooching around, window shopping, walking from one mall to another in the Hong Kong heat, trying on shoes, spritzing on some sexy fragrances, buying those sexy fragrances, more walking and one final thing, more shopping.

In desperate need to give our legs, feet, hands, eyes, bodies and wallets a rest, I suggested we go and have a post-shop treat at COVA Caffé Ristorante at Pacific Place – This is another one of my fave malls to hang. I know exactly what you’re all thinking, once you’ve seen one shopping centre, you’ve seen the mall!

But I definitely disagree ;p


DSC00331I went for something that I, in my crazy mind, thought would be the healthiest selection of all. See if you agree with my theory:
Green colour = makes you think of green veggies, green fruits and green tea
Veggies + fruits + green tea = healthy,
Green coloured cake = healthy treat
It all makes sense, right?

Don’t agree? Okay, I’m deluded, I know, but hey, it’s the thought that counts!

Still no? Whatever, let’s move on…

My chosen (healthy) cake was a sweet and light pistachio chiffon cake. This cake had a short pastry base with two layers of pistachio chiffon cake and one layer of pistachio cream, all topped off and wrapped with fresh cream and garnished with pistachio grains. I was completely nuts about this cake!

L went for a more refreshing and summery piece that had a fancy Italiano name called DOME AI LAMPONI. Her cake was made out of three layers of chiffon sponge cake that’s filled with fresh raspberries in fresh cream. I’m pretty sure she said that she liked it berry much!



DSC00335No cake eating sesh is complete without a cup of Java!

With the temperature being so warm, we had to get ourselves some cold and nicely iced kwaffees to cool us down. L had an iced Cappuccino while I had an iced Mocha.



With L’s hubby arriving in HK in a couple of hours, we had to end our superb and lovely day of food, shopping and plenty of walking. We said our sayonaras, jumped into different cabs and off I went to meet The Boy for a dinner date of Dim Sum.

All of that eating out in a day malarkey was seriously hard wok!

Sorry guys, it was just too tempting not to – I will promise to dim sum of my puns next time!

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