STICKS’N’SUSHI – Covent Garden

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To celebrate N‘s 24th birthday, we headed over to Sticks’n’Sushi in Covent Garden.

As she’s never had the chance to experience the joys that comes from Sushi dining in London, this was the perfect venue to maki her dream an eel-ality…


We started things off with a celebratory birthday cheers with a trio of cocktails…


S had an uninspiring mix of Havana Club rum and lemonade, the birthday girl chose a refreshing number called KEROPPI – A Hendrick’s gin cocktail made with cucumber, pineapple and a popular Japanese soft drink called Calpico, and for yours truly, I chose something a lil’ more fruity called KUROI FIZZ – Fresh blackberries crushed and shaken up with a smooth vodka and topped with Danish rhubarb bubbles.

It was then time to get down to business when our starter arrived because miso hungry by this point!


We devoured this plate of BEEF TATAKI in a matter of seconds!

A plate of thin fillet of beef slices, smoked cheese, chives, yuzu kosho dressing (a fermented Japanese seasoning made from chili peppers, yuzu (a citrus-like fruit) peel and salt)), soy roasted almonds and a pot of some absolutely divine spicy goma dressing (a popular Japanese salad dressing made from mayo, sesame seeds, soy sauce and rice vinegar) .




 For the main event, we ordered a variety of sushi rolls in an attempt to try as many Sticks’n’Sushi creation as possible…


First things first, we just couldn’t resist ordering the classic and oh-so-popular SHAKE (salmon) NIGIRI.


 Moving on to our humongous platter of yummy, or ‘oishii’ if you’re Japanese, sushi rolls…


On our right we had our two choices of delicious fried savoury treats…

EBI TEMPURA BIG FUTOMAKI – Big rolls of tempura shrimp, red tobiko (flying fish roe), avocado, spicy sauce, sesame & tsume (a sweet glaze made from broth to poach eel or clams, soy sauce and rice wine) soy.

COAL CRAB FUTOMAKI – Big rolls of softshell crab, coal-black rice, lettuce, avocado, red tobiko, spicy sauce & tsume soy.


Presented on our left were the smaller to medium option of rolls…


BLING BLING ROLL KABURIMAKI – Topped rolls of crayfish, scallop, avocado, cucumber, tobiko, miso aïoli, chives, trout roe, unagi sauce and lime


Can you see the weird contraption that has in her hand?

For those of you who are a chopsticks first-timer or still a chopsticks learner, you will appreciate this simple yet clever device that helps make the experience of eating with chopsticks that little bit (or a lot for you chopsticks haters out there) more enjoyable.


Can you spot another little thing?

Hint: it’s small, white and was featured earlier in the post.

If you have managed to actually guess this correctly, I will be super impressed!

 Don’t worry if you can’t because I’m going to give you the answer now anyway… Remember that little white pot of delicious sauce that we had with our starter? Oh yes, this dressing was THAT good that we kept the pot with us for the entire evening to dunk all of our sushi into!

Ps. Note S‘s face of disgust as N excitedly tries to tuck into her sushi with her chopsticks-for-dummy device, ahahaha!

Aaaaaaaanyway, moving swiftly on to dessert…



S had the CHOCOLATE FONDANT WITH A CARAMEL HEART – Fondant with caramel, peanut ice cream, hazelnut brittle and sesame nougatine


N went for a stylish and colour coordinated MARCEL CHOCOLATE CAKE WITH ICE CREAM – Chocolate cake with chocolate tuille, crunchy sugar tossed in matcha (powdered green tea), served with a scoop of matcha green tea ice cream


 This black bento box of little beauties was how I chose to end N‘s birthday dinner outing.

FOUR TASTERS – White chocolate with sweet miso and popped rice, vanilla crème brûlée, chocolate fondant with caramel & hazelnut brittle and yuzu sorbet with lime

 This was by far the best sushi meal I’ve had in London in a hella long time! The staff were extremely accommodating and offered an over and beyond service at all times – definitely something I have not experienced in London in a while!

Sticks’n’Sushi, SUKI DESU!

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