Sleepover for Three

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I seriously LUUUUUUUUURVE a good sleepover sesh! I mean, come on, who doesn’t?!

After work, the girls and I decided to head over to Natalie’s crib to spend some quality time together. After waiting for what seemed like forever for our taxi to arrive and the super long drive through rush hour traffic, we finally arrived!

DSC_0022As we were all starvin’ marvins by the time we got there, we quickly dropped our bags, ordered our dinner online from a local Chinese takeaway via Just Eat and headed straight out to the nearest corner shop to grab some snacks.

Soon after we got back, our delightful takeaway arrived! YYEAAYYYYYY!!

Following the footsteps of Joey from FRIENDS and his maternity pants, we quickly changed into something more comfor-TAH-BLEH to ensure we have maximum belly capacity and movement for the jolly feast that was upon us!


It may not look the prettiest, but DAYUM it tasted so scrumdiddlyumptious!

The girls tucked straight in there… DSC_0042

After doing the best we could in two rounds, oh yes, we tried tackling the whole lot in two rounds including a mini break in between, we could not bear the sight nor smell of the food anymore!

It was time to slowly roll away from the table full of food and chillaxx to the max, have a few giggles, munch on some chocolate, have a sneaky battle with Sara over the red and purple jelly babies and of course, take some piccies of our home for the night…
DSC_0027 DSC_0031 DSC_0024 DSC_0025Natalie’s house is seriously the epitome of what a girlie slumber party house should look like! DSC_0046… and on that note…

It is time for us to schleepies…


Good night, gute nacht, bonne nuit, goede nacht, selamat malam!

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