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J and I met up for a girlie dinner date for two.
J’s love of French cuisine and a good glass of vino got me excited about my suggestion for our date venue, Le Bistro Winebeast.
After checking out their mouth-watering new seasonal spring menu online, I knew that this place would be the perfect setting for our catch-up sesh.
DSC01171Le Bistro Winebeast is a cosy and intimate French bistro that was opened following the success of Winebeast‘s wine store. Knowing this, I couldn’t wait to sample a selection of their fine wines that will go along with each dish. And right on cue, the resident Sommelier/ Maître D’/Hostess-with-the-Mostess, Cristina, suggested a glass of wine to start the evening. Why, don’t mind if I do! A glass of red for J and a white one for me – Click on this link to checkout *geddit?!* the wine I had which you can also buy online.
DSC01172As we sipped (more like downed for me) on our delectable wines, Cristina went through the new spring menu with us and picked a number of dishes that she thought were must-tries. Trusting her judgement and knowledge completely, we both nodded in agreement and off she went to put in our orders.
DSC01175Before long, our first dish of the night was brought to the table. To start, we had a light smoked mackerel fillet. Cuts of light and tasty mackarel fillets were lined up on top of a bed of fresh and crunchy leek fondue, drizzled with curcuma oil and served with splodges of delish watercress and crazily subtle wasabi condiment. Now, I am no fan of wasabi, no siree, but you can hardly taste the wasabi here – It lifts the dish without the pungent-wasabi/nose-burning sensation! With the first dish winning both of our hearts and palates already, we could not wait to taste the other dishes to follow!

Here’s the wine that Cristina chose to pair with the dish…
DSC01178Wine info here
DSC01184The second dish was more on the adventurous side, especially for J. A plate of the classic and deep-flavoured boudin noir (blood sausage or black pudding for us Brits), delicious bites of sautéed snails and chorizo, fresh goat cheese accompanied with sweet flavours coming from the smooth red onion marmalade and soaked soft pear.

This dish was paired with this wine…
DSC01181Claire Naudin, Bourgogne Hautes-Côtes-Du-Nuits,  Les Tilles 2012
DSC01190Our main and most favourite dish of the night was their plate of light yet flavourful seared red tuna, pissaladière and anchoïade (anchovies, capers, olive oil and garlic) condiment perfectly combined with small pieces of zesty grapefruit, bitter black olives, crunchy asparagus, juicy radish and watercress. Hands down the best, freshest, juiciest, zingy-est and bursting with flavour-est dish I have ever tasted! I cannot get over how delicious this was and how much I did not want the dish to end. The flavours coming from the tuna and its veggie friends were just too good and how all of the ingredients complement each other, man, I’m lost for words.

Cristina only went and made this dish even better with her wine pairing, didn’t she!
DSC01188Domaine M. & S. Ogier d’Ampuis, Viognier ‘La Rosine’ 2012
DSC01193After one heck of an adventure, I could honestly have finished the dinner date there and left the restaurant happily. But no, Cristina said that our meals would not be complete without trying their rich yet far from being too sickly Gianduja chocolate mousse, deliciously decadent dark chocolate (my absolute fave) ice cream and perfectly moist crushed brownies topped with crushed almonds. And boy was she right! J and I inhaled this plate of pud in a matter of seconds! Their secret weapon? The hidden sprinkles of sea salt! That perfect mish-mash of sweet and salty flavours can do crazy things to your palate. This dessert was literally mouth-wateringly good – Be prepared to salivate over this!

And to end the dinner on an even sweeter note, Cristina expertly paired the dessert with a glass of this wine…
DSC01194Wine info here

Wow, what a truly exceptional dining experience. J and I entered the bistro with no expectations and left completely mind-blown. Starting from the cosy and laid-back ambience (we thought the place was packed when we arrived but Cristina informed me that that was actually their quiet night, INSANE!), no fancy-pantsy frills but Michelin star-worthy creations, traditional French cuisine x modern twists = originality and passion, wines from their Winebeast retail store can be bought at Le Bistro for the same price, excellent and personal service and of course, a special mention goes out to the amazing Cristina! Her hosting skills are impeccable and her extensive knowledge of the menu and their wines is like I have never seen/heard of before – She is a definite asset to this place and another reason to dine here.

Be sure to book a table at this place because I promise you, you will not be disappointed!
Le Bistro Winebeast, thank you for being an outstanding host to our dinner date – You have gained two loyal customers. Our compliments to the chef!

And with that, it’s time for me to say bonne nuit and leave you with this fitting meme…

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