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DSC01084After two failed attempts, we finally managed to get a table at the oh-so popular Ho Lee Fook on our third attempt! Yes, you read that right, THIRD!

<Cue in ‘3 is a Magic Number’ song>

No kidding, after the second try, the boy and I were on a mission!

We decided to play our cards right and went on a day that we thought would be the quietest day for restaurant goers, Sunday. We were wrong, we were so so so SO wrong!

As we stood in front of the lady at Reception, our jaws immediately dropped when she said they were no tables available. Alas, she offered to take our number down just in case something pops up within the hour. Keen to make this third trip work, we put our names down with full of hope and marched to the nearest bar to have a brewski. One hour passed, beers drunk, bill paid, we were starting to get worried and plan B was discussed. Then, the almighty phone rang! Yes, it was the call from heaven, heaven in the form of the lady at Reception!

Without a moment to lose, we casually walked (sprinted) around the corner and were finally greeted with a nod of approval.
DSC01093^ Check out the decor on the kitchen counter walls! It’s a-mah-jongly cute!
DSC01096Once we were seated, we quickly skimmed through the menu and called for the waiter. When we told him our orders, he looked at us weirdly and gave a ‘Are you sure you want to order this much food?’/ ‘Our portions are huge, I don’t think two people can handle it!’ facial expression. He obviously didn’t know who he’s was dealing with and how massive our bellies are. So, we kindly assured him that under no circumstances will we leave any food behind. Still unsure with our eating abilities (or should I say talents), he said that we can wrap any unfinished food up and have it for lunch the next day.

The. challenge. is. ON!
DSC01103I started things off with a deliciously sweet and soury cocktail served in a bubble tea-like plastic cup and straw – Just the way I like to have my drinkiepops! The COOLER cocktail was made of oolong infused vodka, apple, lemon and the best bit, maple syrup.

To start, we shared a dish called PRAWN TOAST x OKONOMIYAKI. This Japanese style grilled prawn toast was made with Kewpie mayonnaise, bulldog sauce, aonori (seaweed) and topped off with shaved cabbage. This dish was crazy delicious! I have honestly never tried prawn toast with this type of twist before and that tastes soo damn good!
DSC01112No full-blown meal is complete without a side of veg. This one was a plate of stir-fried asparagus, broccoli, sugar snap peas, garlic and Shaoxing cooking wine. Green veggies have never tasted so ruddy delish before! No lie, this plate was lick-worthy tasty as the combo of garlic and the cooking wine was truly a match made in paradise!
DSC01115Now, for the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the two main contenders of the night! The signature short ribs and the must-have carb, Kimchi fried rice.

The Kimchi fried rice is mixed in with edamame beans and yummy little pieces of crispy fried lap cheong (Chinese sausage). This rice dish is second to none! I could honestly eat it as a solo dish on its own. But what made it taste even better than it already did?…
DSC01117… Why it’s only one of the most amazing roast Wagyu short ribs you could ever taste!

This dish of beauty was served with jalapeño purée, green shallot kimchi and soy glaze. I cannot comment or point out a single fault to this dish whatsoever. Sorry gang, I just can’t! Succulent pieces of meat, crispy on the outside and juicy in the middle, filleted and cut up in thin slices for your eating pleasure and that perfectly sweet glaze that keeps you wanting more. I am salivating to the maxxx right now just looking at these pics!

‘How on earth can you end a successful dinner like that?’ I hear you ask. Well, inquisitive minds, wait ’til you see what we had for puds.
DSC01122When we saw this dish on the menu, it was a no-brainer, we had to order it!

A dessert that will boggle your minds. A dessert that will make you think of breakfast. A dessert that will change your views on desserts forever. May I present to you, BREAKFAST 2.0…
DSC01126Made with Horlicks ice cream, cornflake honeyjoy, oats, dried longan fruit, cocoa coffee crumbs and fresh berries. Curiosity got the better of us and boy, were we glad that it did!

This pud tastes way way WAY better than how it sounds on paper. So much so, we regretted not getting one each instead of sharing this delicate little bowl. But, as we’ve had a major triumphant dinner, we decided to not be greedy and stick to sharing a bowl.
DSC01128No visit to a Chinese resto is complete without a fortune cookie handed over to you after your meal.

But with Ho Lee Fook now being one of my favourite restaurants in Hong Kong, I don’t need a fortune cookie to tell me what’s going to happen in the future. I know that I’m destined to visit this restaurant again very very soon indeed because HO LEE FOOK, THIS PLACE IS AMAZING!!!!

Ps. No food was left at the end of our meal, not a single grain or a smidgen of sauce. We won.

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