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DSC00481The Boy is flying  out to Nu Yoik tomorrow for a business trip.

But before he leaves me for a few days, we plan to have a messy dinner date at Fatty Crab.




DSC00435I started things off with a cocktail called DRUG MULE which is a mixture of Fuji apple infused vodka (YUM!), house-made fresh ginger syrup and fresh lime – simple ingredients yet so right on! My choice of tipple was not only a winner, it was the perfect drink to awaken my taste buds and gear them up for a feast of flavours they have never tasted before!



DSC00444Our bellies were rumbling and signaled to say that they were both ready for the big guns – we ordered three dishes that knocked our socks right off! We chose two plates from the FATTY section of the menu accompanied with a dish selected from the SKINNY section. Our SKINNY was a plate of Malay water spinach aka Kangkung (Bahasa Indonesia) or Kang kong (Malay) and sambal belachan – soury, tangy, and spicy all mixed into one awesome bowl!




DSC00456The two FATTY dishes were packed with flavours like no other! The first one to come to the table was Nasi Lemak a la Fatty Crab – smoked curry chicken, slow poached egg, spicy pickle and sambal ikan bilis (topped with a scrum of crunchy and salty deep-fried anchovies). Midway through stuffing our faces silly with these two and being mind-boggled by their out-of-this-world flavours, we had to make some room/clean our palate/be ready for what was about to come…

DSC00457The numero uno reason we came here for! Let me present to you, the one, the only, CHILI CRAB!

A crab so ginormous can only be complete if served with three slices of Pullman toast. A dish so beautiful, it deserves a moment of silence to give you some time to truly embrace its beauty and salivate at the prospect of cracking each and every bit of its shell, pick its incredibly juicy meat and dunk the hell outta that thick piece of toast into the extraordinary spicy sauce.

Damn, now I’m drooling just looking at these pics and remembering how amazing this was!


DSC00459Fully agreeing with Aerosmith, we didn’t want to miss a thing! So, once what was a picturesque dish turned into a giant mess, we asked our waiter to take away the scraps and ordered more slices of toast as we did not want to waste any sauce that was left.


DSC00463You’d think we’d be full after that gigantic meal, right? Well my friend, think again! I am never too full for dessert.

For puds, we shared a melt-in-your-mouth warm choco cake with crème Anglaise and slices of berries. This was so gooey, chocolatey and delicious, I cleaned the entire plate in a matter of minutes and have absolutely no shame in admitting to such crime!


DSC00464I seriously cannot recommend Fatty Crab enough! I wish I could be shellfish about this but I won’t, this little joint deserves every inch of its popularity. With outstanding service, uber knowledgeable and helpful waiter AND no service charge, Fatty Crab has put itself way ahead of the crowd. I will definitely be back to try their other non-crabby delights!


Outfit Details
Jumper – H&M
Vest top, Jumper & Bag- ASOS
Shoes – NEW LOOK
Shawl scarf – Bought from a textile market in Jakarta, Indonesia

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