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My first day in Bali started off with a painfully early hair and make-up trial in the morning but ended with an amazing few hours of sea water splashing, hut food dining, fresh coconut drinking, sunbed sleeping and far too many ‘Am I tanned yet?’ body checks for only a few hours of hot Balinese sun at the beach. I thought to myself, the second day has to be more productive than this!

So, the next day, we hired a car and a private driver for a fun-filled day of driving around in the hills, checking out some animals and taking as many photos as possible!

First stop, Elephant Safari Park!

DSC_0047The Park is set in a beautiful tropical park surrounded by national forests. As an official member of the World Zoo Association, it meets the international standards for animal care – a highly important factor!

You can feed, ride, interact, play and take photos with the Park’s 30 Sumatran elephants. These beautiful animals are sadly one of the most rare and endangered species of elephants left in the world today!


DSC_0065Look at this adorable little girl – isn’t she just a cutie?!DSC_0050I got up close and personal with this hairy fella…DSC_0060
DSC_0072Slowly, his trunk started to curl around me and the elephant guide told me that he was giving me a ‘huggy’!DSC_0069It was pure love!DSC_0070When I heard that we could go and see a bubba and its mummy, I rushed to the Elephant Nursery!DSC_0080
DSC_0081Oh just look at the bubba Nelly…DSC_0089
DSC_0086I honestly could spend hours in that place! Sadly, we had to say our goodbyes to the beautiful Nellyphants as it was time for us to move on to our next destination.DSC_0111
DSC_0116After walking through lush gardens and pathways adorned with statues and tropical plants, we reached the entrance of our second stop, Tirtha Empul Temple.DSC_0120
DSC_0118After stepping through the traditional Balinese split gate, a large open pavilion in the main courtyard welcomed us.

Inside the main courtyard, we approached a rectangular purification bath where worshipers prayed in two divided pools as water gushed out of a row of elaborately sculpted stone spouts. Worshipers will first make an offering at the temple then proceed to the spring to bathe and pray.DSC_0121
DSC_0124With hands pressed together, they bathe themselves starting from the first fountain and then proceed to the end – with the exception of one fountain which is kept for the deceased.DSC_0130Many collect the holy water in bottles to take home.DSC_0129
DSC_0136The Temple is of a traditional style and includes shrines to Shiva (Great God), Vishnu (The Protector), Brahma (The Creator), as well as one for Indra (God of Weather and War) and Mount Batur.DSC_0135
DSC_0165I truly enjoyed every second of being at the Temple. I’ve been to Bali before but this was the first time I had a chance to really experience and learn about their religion, culture, beliefs and traditions. I couldn’t be more grateful to have such an informative, humble and lovely driver/guide to take us around and teach us all about his culture.

I am in complete awe of how the Balinese see the world and how they live their lives.DSC_0164
DSC_0169The holy men wore all white…DSC_0168
DSC_0166After a morning of playing with gorgeous elephants and soaking up some Balinese culture, I was one hungry girl when it got to lunch time!

I asked the driver to take us to a restaurant that serves extra yummy food (not that this is a difficult thing to find in Bali) and that has an awesome view.

Boy, did he deliver…DSC_0180
DSC_0205We were greeted by a friendly waitress and followed her along a winding rocky path to a large open sided timber hut…DSC_0181After drinking in the fantastic scenery, we set down and reviewed the menu.DSC_0189
DSC_0193Bring on the food…DSC_0200
DSC_0206The dessert was a bowl of fresh sliced fruit (all fruit and veggies served are all grown in their garden!) served with palm sugar syrup and ice cubes – oh so sweet, oh so delish and oh so refreshing!DSC_0203D’Alas Warung gave us a seriously lovely lunch experience! They nailed every aspect you’d hope to find in a traditional and authentic restaurant – the setting, the service, the food, the homegrown and healthy ingredients, and not forgetting the jaw-dropping views!

With our satisfied and smiling bellies, we were ready to tackle our last touristy stop of the day.

The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary!DSC_0276
DSC_0209A beautiful sanctuary for wild monkeys to roam around and play freely.

Some monkeys were busy eating…DSC_0242
DSC_0273This one was particularly thirsty…DSC_0249This one was keeping a watchful eye on a stack of bananas brought in by a group of tourists…DSC_0233This is one is having a casual yoga class whilst being allogroomed (or de-liced) by their chum..

DSC_0250This little bubba is having too much fun with cotton…

DSC_0258This one is all cushty and tucked in with mummy…

DSC_0255And this ol’ grandad is fast asleep after over-indulging during lunch – so tired, he left a wee bit of crumb on his beard…

DSC_0264After one long amazing day, it was time to end our day trip and so we begrudgingly left the sanctuary.

Following grandad’s footsteps ^, we hoped back into our car and slept through the entire journey back to Seminyak.


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  • Splendid, vivid photos, especially of elephants.

  • Beautiful pictures! 🙂

  • Cat Smith

    Amazing place! Amazing pictures!

  • We actually stayed at the Elephant Safari Park in Bali, and absolutely loved it! The baby elephants are the sweetest, with their bits of hair sticking up =) Your photos are making me reminisce about our trip!