Chocolate Martin-eww!

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It was a seriously beautiful Spring-y day that Saturday.

We hesitatingly agreed to walk from N’s crib to the tube station in an effort to try and work off the Chinese feast we had the night before and the unhealthy but hearty breakfast we gobbled down that morning.

DSC_0094DSC_0095 We obviously had to make the most of the beaut weather by doing a few pit stops along the way to strike a pose or two…DSC_0092DSC_0090DSC_0089DSC_0096Once we have successfully shoved ourselves in and out of the busy tube, we arrived in Knightsbridge, thirtsy and hungry.

Our solution to the matter in hand? Harvey NicholsIMG_2946First stop, Bubbleology for some bubble tea action.

I opted for their Matcha pearl tea.

The two girls have never had the pleasure of trying one of these babies before, so I was very keen to pop their bubble tea bubble!
Alas, all I got out of them were a few “ermmmm”, “urhmmm” and “hmmmmmm”-ings.

Poor show girls, you have made one Asian-bubbletea-lover very sad!

Moving on from this bubble bursting situation, we headed over to Harvey Nic’s SEASON at the Fifth Floor for a spot of afternoon tea.

DSC_0101a CHOCOLATEA afternoon tea to be precise…
DSC_0099Starting off with the superly strong and pungently chocolatey WHITE CHOCOLATE MARTINI and DARK CHOCOLATE MARTINI – both made with SipSmith Vodka

The alcohol was, unfortunately, too overpowering and the chocolate tasted like watered down chocolate milk.

Despite all of this, we carried on slowly sipping our drinks while we wait for the main event…
IMG_3125 DSC_0105DSC_0104Here we have the (very) small selection of finger sandwiches and a warm scone…
DSC_0106Followed by an array of miniature chocolate-related delights…


Not forgetting the clotted cream and homemade strawberry and lemon preserves for the scone…

DSC_0109My honest thoughts about the whole CHOCOLATEA experience?

Service – friendly
Venue – relaxed and cosy
Food – average
Drink – average
Overall experience – rather unsatisfactory

All in all, I had an absolute blast with my gals and we shared plenty-a-giggles that day…

But I think my face in this pic says it all about our afternoon tea sesh…


I was seriously expecting more from Harvey Nic’s highly rated Fifth Floor offerings. My dear lovers, if you are heading there for a spot of casual tea action, make sure you tell them to ease up on the alcohol for the martinis! Our waiter only decided to tell us that we could have done this a little too late i.e. when we were paying the bill!

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  • Seems like a nice day out, shame about the watery martinis though. Steph x

    • I know, I was seriously disappointed with the whole thing! I’m glad I had my gals to laugh it all off

  • Uuhhhmmmm Chocolate Martini is inviting!!!

  • Shame about the overall experience, might try making chocolate martinis at home instead!

    • oh my goodness, that sounds yummm! let me know how it goes 😉