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Greetings my lovers and Happy Midweek!

Don’t you agree that weekends are made specially for late morning sleep-ins (or afternoon if you’re a hardcore sleeper) and hearty brunches?
It is certainly one of my favourite things to do on a weekend!
So, last Saturday, the boy and I did just that.

With the weather so glorious and bright, we both decided to take a nice long stroll along the Victoria Harbour promenade to work up an appetite and to embrace the well-needed breeze on such a hot day!









With our bellies starting to scream for mercy, we made our way up the Central – Mid-Levels escalator and headed over to Peel Street where you can find Brunch Club.

After a quick wait in a queue outside the resto, we were called in and were taken to a table inside, where there’s air conditioning – Hallelujah for the invention of ACs! Brunch Club also has a cute tiny outdoor garden patio seating area but I was still glad to be put in the fridge room.

It didn’t take us long to decide on what we’re going to order (something that doesn’t happen very often as the boy and I are absolutely awful when it comes to making decisions on what to order). We went for their famous Eggs Benedict with the boy opting to have his with bacon and spinach, while I chose a slightly healthier option of mushrooms and spinach. With our eggs, we had a zingy juice called Red Chi that was made with carrots, apple and ginger – if you weren’t fully awake yet when you walked through the door, you definitely will be after a sip of this juice!


And oh, forgot to mention the cheeky hash brown that comes with the dish. There’s no guessing which bit of the dish I on purposely put aside to devour last, is there?


Full from our huge brunch, we were ready (not really) to walk it all off (more like, sweat it all out) in the Hong Kong heat.

But as we prepared and braced ourselves for the hot and long walk ahead, we spotted this little retro coffee shop just across the street and agreed that it was time for a coffee break!


Hershey’s Caffettiera is a all-the-coffee-tools-you-ever-need-and-can-ever-think-of shop, a place that does direct-trade of beans from farmers, a place that roasts their coffee beans in-house, and a place where you’ll find a hip and super laid-back boutique coffee bar called Hazel & Hershey.


The boy chose a classic flat white while I went for something a lil’ more adventurous, a cherry flavoured Hair Bender coffee blend by Stumpton Coffee Roasters. Hands down one of the nicest coffees I’ve ever tasted! So so happy we stumbled upon this little Java gem!


Outfit Details
Playsuit – JACK WILLS
Shoes – ASOS, old (Similar below)


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