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It was one of those long and stressful days at work for me. So my visit to Bar Galante could not have fallen on a more perfect day. As soon as it came to end of play, I quickly grabbed my colleague and fellow blogger, Xtian, and headed straight out the door. We made a pit stop at Harrods for a spot of window shopping and retail therapy before heading over to Bar Galante.


As we perused over the extensive list of cocktails, we were served with some bar nibbles of olives and nuts. I always love going to bars that offer you some snacks to go with your drink. In this case, however, I think they just knew that we were going to take a while to decide on which cocktail to go for first.

After a good few minutes and some well-thought deliberation, we finally chose our drinks for the evening…


GALANTE – Rum blanco, dry vermouth, cherry brandy and Kirsch. Shaken and served straight up in a coupe. Named after Pichín who was known as ‘El Barman Galante’.


CHA-CHA-CHA – Old Tom Gin, apricot brandy and peach purée. Topped with Champagne and served in a flute with two cherries.


BON VOYAGE – Gin, vanilla liqueur, pomegranate syrup and fresh grapefruit juice. Shaken with ice and served in a tall sherry glass with a pink grapefruit twist.


TORTA GALESA – Vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon infused rum, mixed with fresh plum juice and sweetened with a few spoons of Demerara sugar. All shaken with an egg yolk (toddy style) and served straight up in a Champagne saucer. This is based on the ‘Torta Galesa’ Welsh cake, a typical dessert of the Welsh immigrants to Chubut Province.


Before letting ourselves indulge in more cocktails, we decided it was time for a break. As our tummies were rumbling like crazy at this point, we had try out their culinary offerings…


CONFIT DUCK – Slow confit of duck with shallots and garlic wrapped in a crispy puff pastry.
FRESH LOBSTER – Poached in Torrontès with lemon thyme, finished off with a white truffle and parmesan cream and wrapped in a crispy puff pastry.
HUMITA – Roasted pumpkin, sweet corn and onion with buffalo mozzarella wrapped in a crispy puff pastry.


STEAK SANDWICH – Topped with Lancashire cheddar, tomato chutney, Malbec mustard mayonnaise and a fried quails egg served in ciabatta.
CEVICHE PLATTER – Freshly poached lobster with avocado, chilli and lemon served in a coconut sauce. Finest Yellowfin tuna with julienned apples, coriander and ginger in a sesame & soy dressing.


MINI BURGERS – Topped with Lancashire cheddar, smoked bacon, chipotle chutney and served in a brioche bun.

With our bellies satisfied, it was time to order our last round of cocktails. To end the night on a high note, we each decided to go for a stronger and full-flavoured cocktail and some light dessert to seal the deal…


CLARITO – Tanqueray 10 Gin and dry vermouth stirred and served straight up in a sugar-rimmed coupe with a lemon twist. Pichín made this drink for a guest that asked for ‘a man’s drink that is slightly sweet’. Originally created as a one-off, the Clarito is now celebrated around the world every September.


ESPRESSO MARTINI – Vestel Vodka, Kahlua coffee liqueur, sugar syrup and a shot of Espresso. All shaken and served straight up in a Martini glass.


ALFAJORES – Alfajores are classic Argentine sweets with many varieties, but traditionally a soft, light biscuit with a dulce de leche centre. Dulce de leche & coconut, Quince and Chocolate & dulce de leche.

My thoughts?
Part of the Gaucho family, Bar Galante is one gorgeous and decadent bar. This bar is a great place to visit with friends for an evening escape after work to wind down over a few sips of their creative yet authentic Argentine cocktails.

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