Avoiding the Snow at Caffé Concerto

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After wandering around a supremely freezing and snowy Green Park, the boy and I decided to make a pit stop at a nearby coffeehouse to get ourselves all warmed up with a cup of chai. When walking past this café earlier in the day, I couldn’t help but notice their adorable window display. So, I just had to go back and pay them visit.



Mission: Get Amanda Warm ASAP started with a hot and fragrant Pot of Jasmine Green Tea


The smell of jasmine from the tea was so relaxing and calming, I could smell it all day long…


Their Mille Feuille was delish. I did, however, have to remove the layer of white chocolate on the top part because I found it too sweet. If you have a sweet tooth and love your white chocolate, then you might just enjoy the extreme sweetness.


The boy ordered their Toasted Mozzarella di Buffala Focaccia (sun-dried tomatoes and basil pesto) served with salad, Concerto dressing and French fries. This was his third, yes third, lunch of the day! Loco eh?! Anyway, flick your eyes back to the previous sentence, read what the focaccia is supposed to be served with and look at the picture above. Notice anything odd? Yep, there are no French fries in sight – it was served with a bunch of crisps instead. Disappointing.


All-in-all, Caffé Concerto is a chilled and friendly café, a perfect hideout to escape the cold and snow. Was I extremely blown away by their food? No. Would I go back again? Yes, definitely – it’s a great place for some afternoon tea pit-stopping.

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