A Quick Swing to Banana Tree – Soho

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This was my second visit to Banana Tree and I just had to share my love for this place with you all! BT is an Indo-Chinese kitchen with six restaurants located all around London. I visited their flagship restaurant in Soho this time for a quick bite to eat with a pal to cheer our bellies up after a very disappointing food-related press event we’ve just been to.


We decided that we were in the mood for a Starter and Main affair rather than a Three-Course or a Main and Dessert type of visit. So the two Starters I chose for my pal and I were…


KAU CHI DUMPLINGS – Handmade pork & prawn dumpling with aged vinegar & garlic sauce.


CHICKEN & SHITAKE MONEY BAGS – Crispy chicken & shitake mushroom stuffed parcels served with chilli sauce.

We then swiftly moved straight into our Mains…


STRING-TIED BRAISED PORK BELLY WITH GREEN COCONUT JUICE – Slow cooked meltingly tender stew with star anise, cloves, cinnamon & galangal. They prepare the dish with a Vietnamese slant, using coconut water to sweeten the sauce.


TOFU PHAD THAI – Rice noodles wok fried in tamarind, palm sugar and fish sauce, with eggs, bean sprouts, peanuts & crispy shallots.

DSC_0030 DSC_0028

Colourful dishes and totally delish!

Banana Tree offers a selection of authentic and specialty dishes from Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. If you love your street style Asian food, then you would love their dishes!

So go on, follow in the steps of our ancestors and swing by to your nearest Banana Tree!


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  • Okay, I’m .2 seconds away from buying a ticket and flying across the pond so I can eat at this place! So drool worthy.

    • Hahaha, do it!